Beyond the Fence

June 14, 2010

KPRG logoGuam’s public radio station has begun broadcasting a weekly talk show dedicated to discussing the proposed military buildup of the Marianas. Hosted by Vivian Dames, a professor of social work at the University of Guam, the show features interviews with academics, activists, military personnel, politicians, and members of the Guam community with expertise relevant to different issues related to the buildup.

Last week, Beyond the Fence featured Mr. Joe Quinata of the Guam Preservation Trust. This Guam-based NGO was recently successful in getting Guam’s historic Pagat Village (targeted by the DoD as the site of their proposed live-firing range) onto the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s list of “America‚Äôs 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.” The week before, the show discussed water and sustainability, including the perspectives of Famoksaiyan representative Sabina Perez and Professor of Geology John Jenson.

Dr. Dames has invited Vanessa Warheit and Hope Cristobal to be interviewed about the making of The Insular Empire, after the film screens at the University of Guam on July 1st. All Beyond the Fence shows are available online at