Guam Military Buildup

On the tiny island of Guam, the United States Department of Defense is currently preparing a massive military buildup, testing the limits of the islanders’ long-standing patriotism and loyalty to the US. This proposed buildup threatens Guam’s indigenous culture, fragile natural environment, and crumbling infrastructure; and the DoD’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) received the US EPA’s lowest possible rating, “environmentally unsatisfactory.” But the buildup continues, and the local community is powerless to stop it.

The indigenous people of Guam – most of whom have family members serving in the US military – are speaking out in unprecedented numbers against this buildup. Yet many people in the Northern Marianas are eager to bring a US military base to their islands. The Insular Empire will help shed light on the differences between these islands – islands which share the same culture and language, but have been divided by their colonial history.

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